In a recent operation on Sunday, February 18, police in Kayole, Nairobi, intervened and rescued 16 children suspected of being victims of child trafficking. The operation unfolded when law enforcement officers raided a house in the area.

The rescued children, whose ages ranged from two years to 16 years old, included six girls. Authorities apprehended both a Kenyan and a Tanzanian national who were allegedly hosting the children in the house during the operation.

According to police reports, the children appeared to have originated from various parts of the country as well as Tanzania. It is suspected that they were being transported to an undisclosed location. However, the exact destination and purpose of their journey remain unknown at this time.

The children had been confined to a two-roomed house for an unspecified duration before authorities received alerts and intervened. Nairobi police boss, Adamson Bungei, stated that investigations are ongoing, and authorities are interrogating the two suspects to ascertain the motives behind the children’s presence in the house.

Bungei emphasized the difficulty of caring for such young children, with some being as young as two years old. He urged the public to assist law enforcement agencies in combating such crimes.

Following their rescue, the children were transferred to a private children’s home in the area, where they would receive care pending further investigations.

Child smuggling and trafficking represent significant challenges in the region, with perpetrators often having considerable resources. Despite law enforcement efforts, these crimes persist, with some cases involving children being stolen and sold both locally and internationally.

In a related case from the previous year (2023), two social workers at Mama Lucy Hospital in Nairobi were found guilty of child trafficking and neglect of duty. Fred Leparan, one of the social workers, was sentenced to 35 years in prison, while his accomplice, Selina Adundo, received a two-year non-custodial sentence or a fine of Sh100,000. The prosecution revealed that the duo had conspired to traffic a child abandoned at the hospital.

Law enforcement agencies continue to combat child trafficking through specialized units such as the children’s desk, established to address this menace across various parts of the country. Despite stringent penalties and efforts to curb these crimes, traffickers persist in exploiting vulnerable children in the region.

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