In Molo, police have apprehended six individuals associated with the notorious “Kata Hema” gang responsible for a series of highway robberies targeting lorries in transit. The gang has been particularly active on the Nakuru-Eldoret highway, preying on both local and transit lorries between Salgaa and Molo.

The gang employs various tactics, including placing spikes on the road to deflate tires before carrying out their attacks. Several drivers have suffered injuries while attempting to resist these assaults. Notably, the gang arrives in separate lorries, facilitating the offloading of stolen property, after which they make a swift escape using the same vehicles.

Acting on a tip-off, a team of detectives conducted a successful operation in the Tumaini area on Sunday, leading to the arrest of the six suspects connected to this criminal trend. The individuals are currently undergoing interrogation as part of the ongoing investigation into their activities.

Police had received information that the gang was planning to strike during the night, prompting the swift intervention that resulted in the arrests. The suspects are expected to appear in court, where police have filed a miscellaneous application seeking their detention pending further investigation.

The surge in attacks on lorries transporting valuables along the Salgaa-Molo stretch has raised concerns among drivers, who are demanding heightened security measures. The arrested gang members may provide valuable information that could aid in addressing this rising threat.

In a separate incident in Makindu, a driver reported being robbed of a car in transit. The driver, transporting a grey Nissan Note destined for Kiambu, offered a lift to two passengers from Mombasa. Upon reaching the Kibwezi Interchange, the situation took a sinister turn as one passenger disembarked, and two additional men joined them. They proceeded to tie up the driver and abandoned him along Kibarani in Makindu’s general direction. The driver, fortunately, sustained no injuries during the ordeal. Police are actively searching for the stolen vehicle based on the report filed following the incident on Monday.

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