In the Upper Nyakach division of Kisumu County, security officers have successfully recovered five herds of cattle stolen from a local homestead, thanks to a coordinated operation.

Led by Upper Nyakach Assistant County Commissioner Dawin Orina, the joint operation involved the Anti-Stock Theft Police Unit (ASTU) and local administration officials.

The operation was initiated at 4 am on Wednesday following a report of the theft at Kagak village, where Mr. John Omondi alerted the area assistant chief about the disappearance of three of his cows.

According to Orina, the police promptly coordinated with ASTU counterparts from Ogoro Police Station to track down the stolen animals. After nearly six hours of tracking, the cattle were located in the Soin-Sigowet area of Kericho County.

“We successfully recovered the three stolen cattle belonging to Mr. Omondi, along with two additional cattle whose owner is yet to be identified. These animals have been handed over to ASTU officers pending identification and return to their rightful owners,” Orina stated.

The border region between Kisumu and Kericho counties has witnessed an increase in cattle rustling incidents, leading to tensions between the communities residing in the area.

Orina urged the community to remain vigilant and cooperate with security agencies by providing valuable information to ensure the apprehension of those involved in cattle theft.

He emphasized the government’s commitment to taking decisive action against perpetrators of such crimes to safeguard the lives and property of the community.

The successful recovery of the stolen livestock demonstrates the effectiveness of collaborative efforts between law enforcement agencies and local authorities in combating crime and ensuring security in Kisumu County.

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