Detectives have successfully recovered a human head believed to be that of the slain university student, Rita Waeni Muendo. The head was discovered in a dam located in Kiambaa, Kiambu County, providing a crucial clue regarding the possible whereabouts of the killer who took the life of Rita on January 13 at an apartment in Roysambu.

The rest of Rita’s remains were found meticulously wrapped in a plastic bag and sheet, strategically placed near a dustbin. In an effort to preserve and analyze the head, the police have taken custody of this significant piece of evidence as their investigation and pursuit of the killer continue.

Furthermore, among the recovered items were some of the victim’s personal belongings, including her mobile phone. The motive behind this brutal murder is yet to be determined, and detectives handling the case are actively pursuing leads with the hope of making an arrest.

The investigation has taken a perplexing turn with the discovery that the killer attempted to clip off Rita’s fingernails. A postmortem conducted on her body revealed the absence of nails, leading the government pathologist, Johansen Oduor, to speculate on potential attempts to conceal DNA evidence. Samples were collected for further analysis to assist in unraveling the mysteries surrounding this gruesome crime.

The autopsy confirmed that Rita’s body was dismembered, with the head and legs separated from the trunk. The pathologist noted unusual features, suggesting a combination of sharp object cuts and bone sawing, indicating a level of brutality rarely encountered in forensic examinations.

Toxicology analysis has been initiated on samples taken from the kidney, stomach, vagina, and blood, as authorities suspect the victim may have been drugged before the murder. This grim possibility has intensified the focus on identifying and capturing the killer, who remains at large.

Contrary to initial reports, detectives believe the killer could be a Kenyan, as witnesses in the murder probe recall the assailant speaking Swahili during interactions. Preliminary findings also indicate the killer purchased a mobile phone using a fake line registered in a woman’s name to communicate with the apartment owner and lure Rita to the scene.

As investigators delve into the motive behind the murder, they are reaching out to Rita’s parents, fellow students at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), and her friends to piece together the events leading to her tragic end. The family revealed that the killer had demanded a ransom of Sh500,000, heightening the urgency and complexity of the case.

The family’s ordeal began with a ransom demand sent from Rita’s phone number, accompanied by a picture of the killer preparing to use a hacksaw. Despite the family’s prompt reporting to the police and DCI, Rita’s life was tragically cut short, leaving the family devastated.

In addition to their grief, the family expressed their belief that Rita was lured and extorted by her killer even after her demise. Describing Rita as an intelligent and kind-hearted individual on the cusp of her youth, the family mourns the loss of a promising young woman whose life was brutally taken away.

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