Detectives have apprehended an individual believed to be involved in a string of gold smuggling incidents targeting foreign countries. The arrest occurred at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) following a connection to an incident involving eight Kenyan women detained at Mumbai International Airport. These women were suspected of smuggling 3.6 kilograms of gold valued at Sh26.4 million, prompting an investigation by local authorities.

The women were taken into custody on February 23, 2024, by police and customs officials at Mumbai International Airport, leading to intensified efforts to uncover the circumstances surrounding their alleged involvement in gold smuggling. According to reports, they were accused of attempting to transport eight kilograms of gold and five iPhones from a foreign location.

Following the arrests in Mumbai, Kenyan authorities were alerted to the situation, prompting collaboration between law enforcement agencies to address the transnational smuggling operation. Subsequently, on Monday night, officers from the Transnational Organized Crime Unit made a significant breakthrough by apprehending a male suspect believed to be an accomplice of the detained women.

The arrest was made possible through proactive investigations, which identified the suspect’s involvement in a consignment scheduled for departure from JKIA on the same night. The suspect was allegedly linked to a shipment consisting of three boxes destined for a South African destination. Authorities intercepted the suspect as he attempted to leave the country, seizing documents related to the prepared consignment.

In response to the growing trend of gold smuggling through Kenya, law enforcement agencies have intensified efforts to combat illegal activities within the precious metals trade. Authorities emphasize the prevalence of fraudulent schemes targeting international investors, resulting in numerous arrests of individuals involved in counterfeit gold dealings.

Efforts to address the issue have involved collaboration between government agencies, with initiatives aimed at raising awareness among foreigners and potential investors regarding the risks associated with gold transactions. Additionally, authorities have urged individuals to seek guidance from relevant government bodies and embassies before engaging in any financial transactions involving precious metals.

Director of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, Mohamed Amin, reiterated the commitment of law enforcement agencies to address the issue of gold smuggling effectively. He emphasized the importance of proactive measures and collaborative efforts to combat illicit activities within the gold trade, ensuring the integrity of Kenya’s international reputation and financial security.

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