In Meru and Isiolo Counties, the police are teaming up with Kenya Power officials to combat the rising issue of transformer vandalism. This collaborative effort comes amidst a surge in cases of transformer oil theft, which has been disrupting electricity supply across various areas in these regions.

Ariel Mutegi, the Mount Kenya Regional Manager for Kenya Power, revealed that a joint security team has been actively pursuing leads to apprehend suspects involved in transformer vandalism. Utilizing data analysis and call location information, the team successfully captured three suspects they had been tracking.

One of the suspects, Daudi Muithi Aritho, was trailed to the Timau area in Meru County, where he was apprehended in the evening. Aritho attempted to evade capture by fleeing from Meru town to Timau and even changed his phone number to avoid detection.

Upon interrogation, Aritho disclosed information about his two accomplices, Vincent and Isaack. Although Vincent could not be reached as he was located at Ngong Racecourse, the team managed to arrest Isaack Mureith Kirema in Meru town while attempting to purchase transformer oil.

Both Isaack and Daudi are currently held at the Meru Police Station awaiting prosecution for their involvement in transformer vandalism.

Following these arrests, the team proceeded to the Igoki area in Imenti North, where they raided the house of another suspect implicated in the oil siphoning syndicate. Bernard Thiuru M’mbogori was apprehended at his residence before he could escape.

During the search of M’mbogori’s house, the team recovered several items, including aluminum conductors, a Kenya Power service cable, and vandalized transformer earth rods. M’mbogori was also taken into custody at the Meru police station for further investigation.

Mr. Mutegi emphasized the team’s determination to apprehend Vincent, believed to be the mastermind behind the vandalism syndicate. He stated that further raids on identified premises would be conducted to dismantle the syndicate and prevent future incidents of transformer theft.

Additionally, the joint team spent a significant portion of the week in Isiolo County conducting raids and gathering information on the market for transformer oil. With the assistance of key personnel on the ground, they monitored the situation closely to address the issue effectively.