The main suspect in the brutal murders of women in the Mawanga area of Nakuru County during 2021 and 2022, has revealed new details about the crimes. Evans Michori Kebwaro, alleged to have orchestrated the killings, inadvertently led to the apprehension of the entire gang involved, after using a stolen phone from one of the victims, plunging the entire gang into jeopardy.

New evidence presented before the Nakuru Court has disclosed how Michori, on April 15, 2024, admitted to and recorded in an agreement between the prosecution and the complainant, revealed how the defendant and his accomplices, after laying low following media reports about their crimes, were persuaded to use a stolen phone belonging to the victim, Beatrice Akinyi Adhiambo, whose murder was still under investigation by the police.

Michori inserted his personal SIM card into the stolen phone and sent a signal to the police as the unique phone identifier, IMEI, had been reported stolen in another incident in the Mawanga area. Police traced the signal to Michori’s rural home in Masimba, Kisii County, where he was arrested along with his five accomplices, Kevin Omondi, Josephat Simiyu, Julius Omondi, Isaac Kinyanjui, and Dennis Alusiola, all identified as members of the banned Confirm gang in Nakuru.

These six suspects, members of the notorious Confirm gang, were arrested and charged with multiple counts of murder. They were accused of the murders of four women, including Beatrice Akinyi, Grace Wanjiku, Diana Opicho, and Susan Wambui, killed on different dates between December 21, 2021, and June 24, 2022.

In a plea deal with the court, Michori admitted to committing the murders unintentionally and provided detailed information about the gang’s activities. He confessed to meticulously planning and executing the attack and murder of Grace Wanjiku Kariuki, under the leadership of Kevin Omondi and the barbaric acts of the gang.

According to Michori, the six-member gang met at 3 a.m. at the Kingdom Seekers Church field to plan their crimes. Later, they left on motorcycles headed to the victim’s home in Mawanga, led by Kevin Omondi. They posed as carpenters.

Court documents state that Kevin instructed Simiyu and Kinyanjui to go to a nearby shop and talk to Grace, who was running the family’s shop while her mother was at church.

“Simiyu and Kinyanjui introduced themselves to the woman as carpenters sent by her mother to repair furniture at their home. The woman dismissed them after confirming with her mother that she had not sent anyone for such work,” Michori said.

However, the men entered the shop and grabbed Wanjiku while she was talking to her mother on the phone, allowing the remaining thugs to enter.

“Kevin placed a knife on Grace’s throat and directed her to the main house. Kevin and Dennis took her to the bedroom and killed her. Dennis came and instructed us, along with Julius, to check if there was money in the shop,” Michori said.

They found Sh2,500 which they took along with bank cards before returning and finding Kinyanjui loading a 32-inch TV into a box.

As they were preparing to leave, Michori recounted how Kevin poured petrol around the house and set it on fire before the murderers fled on motorcycles.

Wanjiku’s mother was alerted about the fire and rushed home to find neighbors trying to extinguish it.

Her daughter’s body was found lying on the bed, completely burnt without signs of struggling to escape the fire.

The incident was reported at the Kiugoini Police Station in the Bahati constituency.

The gang met in the evening at their meeting place in the Kingdom Seekers Church where Michori was given Sh2,000 by Kevin.

The brutality of the gang was further revealed by a post-mortem report on June 23, 2022, which showed signs of strangulation and injuries to Wanjiku’s sensitive body parts.

Michori has already confessed to involvement in another woman’s murder.