Police from the Mutuini station are holding two men who were found in possession of dog meat in the Kirigu area of Dagoretti South, Nairobi.

According to residents of the area, the suspects were found slaughtering a dog and loading the meat into a sack.

Mr. Sammy Kamau, one of the residents of the area, said he received information from a passerby that they had seen people slaughtering a dog in a nearby thicket.

Mr. Kamau took it upon himself to rally other neighbors to accompany him to the scene.

“The day before yesterday, we found a sack of dog meat, and on Tuesday, the suspects were caught slaughtering a dog and then loading the meat into a sack. When I was informed about this issue, I sought out my neighbors, and indeed, we caught them red-handed,” said Mr. Kamau.

“From here to the slaughterhouse for cows and goats is not far. But some youths have turned nearby thickets into slaughterhouses for various animals and distribute the meat to unsuspecting customers,” he added.

After catching them in the act, the residents called the assistant chief of the area, Mr. Samson Rono, who informed the police.

Confirming the incident, Mr. Rono said the meat found was from two dogs that had been slaughtered. Mr. Rono stated that the men committed the act on Tuesday around eleven o’clock in the morning.

“Some of the meat was already packed in a sack, ready to be taken away. The two men are in custody as further investigations continue,” said Mr. Rono.

Mr. Rono urged unemployed residents not to engage in the illegal business of slaughtering animals.

“Even if you are unemployed, it is a crime to earn a living by killing animals indiscriminately. You are endangering the community by killing animals without knowing the risks involved,” Mr. Rono added.