On Monday night, a robbery in Bungoma turned fatal as gunmen shot and killed two individuals, including an unintentionally targeted accomplice.

The incident occurred in the Musikoma area, where a gang of three robbed a general merchant shop. Witnesses reported that the gang requested to deposit money to their mobile phone numbers before abruptly seizing a mobile phone from the shop attendant.

In response, the wife of the shop attendant raised an alarm, leading to gunfire. Tragically, one of the gunmen, aiming for the shop attendant, fatally shot Christine Otachi. Additionally, an accomplice standing behind Otachi was accidentally shot and killed by the same gunman.

The gunmen fled the scene with Sh300,000 taken from the shop, leaving behind eight spent cartridges of 7.62mm special bullets used by rifles. Despite police intervention, no arrests have been made yet. The deceased victims were transported to the mortuary for further investigation.

In an effort to apprehend the gang responsible for the attack, additional law enforcement teams have been dispatched to Bungoma to address the rising concerns of residents over security threats.

Meanwhile, in Wajir, another robbery incident left a bodaboda rider hospitalized with stab wounds. The rider, who had unknowingly transported two assailants, was attacked in the Furaha area. The perpetrators fled with the motorcycle, and police are currently investigating the incident with no arrests made thus far.

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