Pastor Dorcas Rigathi, spouse of the Deputy President, delivered a message to students at Tumutumu Girls High School in Nyeri, advising them to avoid associations that may lead them towards lesbianism.

In her address to the students on Thursday, Pastor Dorcas emphasized the importance of their decisions in school shaping their future paths.

Drawing from her personal experiences and the advice she received from her mother, Pastor Dorcas underscored the significance of making wise choices.

She encouraged the students to seek guidance and make decisions that align with their aspirations for success.

Pastor Dorcas cautioned against succumbing to negative influences, particularly those that could jeopardize their futures, such as engaging in same-sex relationships.

She reminded the students of their potential as future leaders and urged them to uphold righteousness, morality, and ethics.

Emphasizing the need to remain focused amidst various influences, Pastor Dorcas stressed the importance of maintaining a steadfast commitment to their goals.

Pastor Dorcas has been vocal in advocating for traditional family values and opposing the legalization of LGBTQ relationships in Africa.

She believes that prioritizing family values is fundamental to the nation’s development and asserts that African nations should not compromise on these principles for the sake of trade opportunities.

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