Nominated Senator Miraj Abdillahi from the Coast is proposing a significant change in the handling of national exams by urging the return of marked answer sheets to students. Abdillahi believes that controversies surrounding exam results could be resolved if students have access to their answer sheets after marking.

Speaking to the Star, Abdillahi emphasized the need for transparency in the examination process, asserting that returning answer sheets to students would allow a closer examination of their performance and identify areas of weakness. The senator expressed concern over consistent poor results from the Coast region in national examinations, calling for a critical evaluation of the result patterns.

Abdillahi recounted her own experience, highlighting discrepancies between her school performance and the results of the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE). She stressed that it is implausible for schools with previously high-performing students to suddenly experience a decline in academic achievement.

The senator pointed out the example of Shika Adabu High School, which posted a mean grade of D+ in the 2023 KCSE exam. She questioned the Ministry of Education about the grading system and called for an explanation regarding the performance of teachers in public schools compared to those in private institutions.

Abdillahi dismissed common excuses for poor educational performance in the Coast region, such as the prevalence of the drug miraa and issues related to early pregnancies. She argued that these factors should not serve as justifications for subpar exam results, emphasizing the need for accountability and questioning the quality of teachers posted to the region.

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