Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has affirmed the government’s commitment to fully implement the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC), emphasizing its role in equipping learners with essential skills for national development. Addressing stakeholders at Nyahururu Munyaka Mixed Secondary School in Laikipia County, Gachagua reiterated the Kenya Kwanza Administration’s dedication to reforming the education sector to meet the evolving needs of the nation.

Highlighting the government’s financial commitment, Gachagua revealed that in the 2023-2024 financial year, over Sh628 billion was allocated to the education sector. This substantial investment reflects the administration’s priority to bolster education reforms, including the implementation of the CBC and the funding model aimed at enhancing access to quality education for all students.

Assuring parents and stakeholders, Gachagua emphasized that the ongoing reforms will contribute to the development of a skilled workforce, essential for driving economic growth and national progress. He pledged continued efforts to upgrade school infrastructure and address existing gaps that hinder optimal learning outcomes.

During his visit to Nyahururu Munyaka Mixed Secondary School, Gachagua demonstrated tangible support for education development by delivering Sh5 million towards the completion of the school’s dining hall. Additionally, he committed to allocating a similar amount in the next financial year, underscoring the government’s dedication to enhancing educational facilities and resources.

Acknowledging the significance of local initiatives, Gachagua urged collaboration between government bodies and local leaders to address community needs effectively. He encouraged the utilization of Constituency Development Funds (CDF) to supplement government efforts in infrastructure development within educational institutions.

Beyond education reforms, Gachagua addressed broader development concerns during his tour of Laikipia County. He assured landowners in Maina Village of the government’s commitment to expedite the issuance of title deeds within the next six months, providing security and empowerment to residents. Additionally, plans to improve road infrastructure and mitigate human-wildlife conflicts underscored the government’s holistic approach to community development and welfare.

In the fight against illicit alcohol and drug abuse, Gachagua reiterated the government’s resolve to combat the vice, emphasizing the importance of collective support for President Ruto’s leadership. The Deputy President’s tour, accompanied by Laikipia County Governor Joshua Irungu and other leaders, exemplified the collaborative efforts towards achieving comprehensive development and addressing community needs across the region.

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