Gospel artist Guardian Angel claims that music is not a quick path to wealth for anyone aiming to get rich quickly.

Angel, who has been in the gospel music industry for 15 years, emphasizes that there’s a misconception that music is one of the easy ways to become wealthy.

“You can’t get rich quickly through music, it’s impossible. If your intention is to get rich quickly, then get involved in something else other than music,” Angel insists.

Angel says that music comes with numerous challenges and requires patience and perseverance.

“The challenges in music are many more than the successes. What I mean is that challenges never end; the more you grow artistically, the more they become even more numerous. Right now, I am enjoying the fruits of my music journey, but there were times I thought of quitting music altogether,” he says.

Appearing to relish his efforts, Guardian Angel claims that at this time, he earns meaningful income through online music sales.

He admits that platforms like YouTube and Skiza bring in money.

“YouTube brings in good money, although it’s for those who have a good catalog of their music. Skiza also brings in good money, although it has started to decline slightly. And also, if you have built a good brand, you can make money by selling your brand’s products,” Guardian says.

Guardian mentions that at his current stage, he has built a large catalog of his music, which, if he decides to transfer ownership to another person or company, the rights to his catalog would cost millions of shillings.

“The catalog of my music, if I decide to sell the copyrights, would be more than 200 million shillings. I would sell it on the condition that I will never need those works again (as the copyright owner),” he explains.

Many artists, especially young ones joining the music industry, assume that it is a platform to get rich when they start.

However, for Guardian Angel, it’s like any other business that requires patience and endurance.

“Fifteen years nurturing my talent is not a short time,” he says.