American rapper Kanye West, now known as Ye, is scheduled to perform at Nairobi’s Nyayo Stadium in December as part of his 2024-25 world tour, as announced in his tour schedule.

The tour itinerary, shared on X by Donda Times, listed Nairobi as one of the destinations in Africa for the rapper’s performances. Kanye also posted the schedule on his Instagram story, indicating his search for additional venues.

Scheduled for December 7, Kanye’s performance at Nyayo Stadium precedes his Lagos performance in Nigeria, set for a week later. The tour includes stops in various global cities such as Mexico City, Toronto, New York, Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Madrid, Cairo, London, and Dubai.

The tour comprises 16 shows in the United States and an equal number of shows outside the USA. The African leg is expected to include stops in Kenya, Nigeria, and Egypt.

Although ticket prices for the Nairobi show have not been disclosed, Kenyans have expressed their excitement and anticipation for the upcoming tour.

Social media reactions ranged from humorous comments to speculation about the likelihood of the tour happening. Some users joked about selling possessions to afford tickets, while others questioned whether Kanye’s teased shows in Nairobi and Lagos would come to fruition.

Nyayo Stadium, primarily used for sports events, currently accommodates up to 15,000 people.

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