Radio presenter Amina Abdi has taken a stand against critics who have questioned her defense of DJ Joe Mfalme, who is facing charges related to the death of a police officer.

Joseph Mwenda Munoru, popularly known as DJ Joe Mfalme, found himself in hot water after being dragged into a murder case involving Police Officer Felix Kitosi.

It is alleged that the entertainer and his entourage assaulted Kitosi during a scuffle that ensued after Kitosi accidentally hit DJ Joe Mfalme’s car.

In addition to DJ Joe Mfalme, three police officers have also been arrested for allegedly attacking Kitosi when he accompanied the entertainer to the police station to report the incident. Kitosi passed away six days after the assault.

As investigations continue, Amina, who has worked closely with DJ Joe Mfalme for a long time, recently took to social media to publicly defend him, insisting that the DJ was not involved in assaulting Kitosi.

This statement stirred up controversy, with some people criticizing her for defending her close friend while investigations are still ongoing.

However, Amina remains undeterred by the criticism.

“It doesn’t bother me… online hatred… maybe they should come up with something new. I’ve lived with hate… so this is not new to me and it doesn’t bother me when they attack me,” Amina says.

While emphasizing her belief that DJ Joe Mfalme will ultimately be acquitted, she states, “Everyone has someone they can stand up for and defend wholeheartedly. If you know DJ Joe Mfalme like I do, having known him for many years, then you would know he is a very respectful, generous, and courteous person who loves his job and avoids trouble. Joe doesn’t use drugs or alcohol, so you cannot tell me he was drunk and may have done something.”

Regarding those who criticize her for defending Joe without considering the deceased officer’s family, Amina has a response.

“It’s a difficult case because it involves murder, and we pray for strength and peace for the bereaved family. But I will stand firm. Joe is not that kind of person, and I’m not talking about anyone else because there are others who have been charged alongside him… I’m saying the Joe I know personally had no involvement in assaulting that officer,” she asserts.

Amina also understands why some celebrities close to DJ Joe Mfalme may hesitate to show their support publicly like she did.

“I understand that due to the seriousness of the matter, perhaps some of his other close associates are hesitant to discuss the issue online or appear in court to support him. But what is friendship if not standing by your friend even when they are facing adversity?” she questions.

Currently, DJ Joe Mfalme will remain behind bars after Senior Resident Magistrate Margaret Murage ordered that all suspects be remanded for 14 days to allow security officials to complete their investigation into the murder.

Earlier, the detectives had requested 21 days, but Magistrate Murage rejected the request, emphasizing that 14 days would suffice.

Due to this order, DJ Joe Mfalme will miss out on several planned gigs during the upcoming Easter holidays.