Kenyan singer Millicent Jerotich, popularly known as Marakwet Daughter, has stirred controversy among fans and industry insiders after issuing a stern warning to DJs regarding the use of her songs.

In an interview with Tuko, the singer expressed her disapproval of DJs uploading her music on YouTube, citing her inability to directly benefit from their YouTube streams. She emphasized that her songs are copyrighted and registered, and she expects DJs to respect her work by refraining from uploading it on their channels.

Marakwet Daughter issued a clear warning, stating that those who defy her wishes will face consequences. However, she clarified that her directive applies to only one DJ, not all.

Her statement has sparked a mixed reaction among fans, with some supporting her stance while others criticized her approach. Some netizens accused her of undermining the DJs, who they argue played a significant role in her rise to fame.

This controversy comes in the wake of Marakwet Daughter’s recent confrontational behavior, where she publicly admonished her critics on social media. In a widely circulated video, she expressed her readiness to block anyone spreading negativity on her posts.

The singer’s warning to DJs has led to varied responses from netizens, with some challenging her decision and others questioning the impact it might have on her career.

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