Joseph Noriega, the former manager of Kenyan musician Otile Brown, recently made headlines when he called off his wedding to his Belgian girlfriend just one month before the scheduled date. The decision surprised many, considering the anticipation surrounding their impending nuptials.

Initially, Noriega, who was previously in a relationship with a nurse named Liefje from Belgium until 2021, had planned to exchange vows in Mombasa. However, circumstances led to the wedding not taking place as planned, leaving Noriega to contemplate the sudden turn of events.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Noriega candidly discussed his decision, expressing no regrets about halting the wedding. He revealed that despite the family’s support and the wedding preparations underway, he felt compelled to reassess his commitment.

Noriega shared insights into his emotional journey, revealing that a trip to Dar-es-Salaam prompted him to question his feelings about love. Meeting someone in Tanzania led him to reevaluate his relationship with his Belgian girlfriend and ultimately reconsider the decision to marry her.

Despite being in a committed relationship with his Belgian partner for about eight months to a year and even being introduced to her family, Noriega’s encounter in Tanzania made him reassess his priorities and contemplate the nature of his affection.

Reflecting on the cancelled wedding, Noriega expressed disappointment, particularly regarding his relationship with his Belgian girlfriend’s family. He recalled a heartfelt conversation with his then-future father-in-law, who displayed understanding and respect for Noriega’s decision.

However, navigating the aftermath of the cancelled wedding proved challenging for Noriega, as attempts to reconcile with his former partner were met with resistance. Despite his efforts to reach out and have a conversation, his Belgian girlfriend blocked him on all communication platforms.

The cancellation of the wedding also impacted Noriega’s honeymoon plans, as he found himself journeying to Zanzibar alone. Although initially unsettling, the solo trip provided him with an opportunity for introspection and self-acceptance, marking a significant chapter in his relationship journey.

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