On Tuesday, April 16, 2024, ongoing rainfall in various parts of Karatu district in Arusha region has caused significant damage, with some houses submerged and surrounded by water, leaving several residents without shelter.

Due to the challenges posed by the flooding, some have been forced to seek rental houses, while others have sought refuge with relatives and friends.

When approached by Mwananchi Digital to comment on the impact of the floods, Karatu District Commissioner Dadi Kolimba expressed grief and stated that he would provide further information later.

Related to the situation, the rains that began last week have affected various areas in Karatu, including the Qurus and Karatu wards.

Speaking to Mwananchi Digital on Tuesday, April 16, 2024, some residents appealed to the government to swiftly assist them before the situation worsens.

Jeneth Mfanya, a resident of Bwawani Street, mentioned that she had to seek shelter elsewhere because her house was flooded.

She described how the heavy rainfall over the past week had caused significant damage, not only flooding her home but also inundating the salon she depended on for income, though she managed to salvage a few items.

According to Mfanya, the flooding has affected her livelihood, and despite some assistance from well-wishers, the situation remains dire.

Similarly, Hans Minja, another resident of Karatu, shared how he and his family of five had to evacuate their home on Sunday, April 14, 2024.

He described the ongoing rise in water levels and the challenges they faced, stating that he had never experienced such floods before.

Minja recounted how water entered their living space, forcing them to abandon most of their belongings.

With almost the entire area submerged, Minja expressed his inability to work as a construction worker due to the current conditions, and he also lost contact with his relatives as his phone was damaged in the flooding.

Another resident, Joseph Alphonce, mentioned that areas like Mbowe Field were severely affected, leaving people homeless.

Some were advised by local authorities to relocate to classrooms set up in certain schools in the district.

Alphonce emphasized the urgency of the situation, explaining that some houses were completely submerged, leaving only rooftops visible, and children unable to attend school.

Meanwhile, Damian Patrick reported that while his house had not yet flooded, water levels were rising rapidly, prompting him to move most of his belongings.

In response to the flooding, Karatu Ward Councilor Joseph Lolo acknowledged the severity of the situation but deferred further comment to the District Commissioner.

He indicated that many households were affected, with some collapsing entirely and others surrounded by water.

In recent weeks, many areas in Arusha region, including Kisongo, have faced flooding challenges.

Speaking on behalf of the Arumeru District Commissioner, Emmanuela Kaganda, last week, Longido District Commissioner Marco Ng’umbi described the extensive damage suffered by residents in the area.

He noted that properties were destroyed, crops submerged, and businesses flooded, leaving many families homeless.

An initial assessment indicated that 157 households were affected, with one house, housing a family of over 10 people, rendered uninhabitable.

In addition to these two districts, Arusha District also faced repercussions, notably the tragic incident where a school bus from Ghati Memorial Primary School was swept away in the Sinoni Ward, resulting in the loss of eight students and one Good Samaritan who tried to rescue them.