Kwale Governor Fatuma Achani has spearheaded the inauguration of a significant water project worth Sh23 million, featuring a 16.8 km pipeline extension from Mwakalanga Dam to Kilimangodo and surrounding areas in Mwereni Ward, Lunga Lunga Sub County.

This endeavor aims to provide clean piped water to approximately 400 households, catering to both domestic and agricultural needs. Governor Achani underscores her administration’s commitment to ensuring universal access to potable water across the coastal county.

The project’s completion marks a crucial milestone in enhancing healthcare and hygiene standards within the region. Long plagued by water shortages due to its semi-arid climate, residents have endured challenges in accessing safe water for drinking and maintaining basic hygiene practices.

Governor Achani emphasizes community ownership and protection of these vital infrastructures against vandalism, ensuring sustained benefits for the populace. Additionally, she presides over the groundbreaking ceremony for the Msindeni borehole in Kinondo ward, further reinforcing the county’s commitment to expanding water access.

The county government’s strategic investments extend beyond immediate water needs, with the construction of multipurpose dams and schemes facilitating dry season irrigation and bolstering agricultural resilience. Recognizing the pressing threat of climate change-induced droughts, Achani underscores the importance of proactive measures to address water scarcity.

The governor calls upon residents to safeguard water resources and adopt responsible practices to prevent contamination, highlighting the crucial role of community participation in ensuring water sustainability. Accompanied by local leaders, including Lunga Lunga MP Mangale Chiforomodo, Achani reaffirms Kwale’s dedication to ending decades-long water scarcity through comprehensive water sector interventions.

MP Chiforomodo commends the county government’s initiatives, urging residents to take ownership of these projects and safeguard them against threats. With a shared vision of ensuring universal water access, both leaders emphasize the need for continued investment in water infrastructure to meet the region’s growing needs.

Through these concerted efforts, Kwale County strides towards achieving water security and enhancing livelihoods for its residents, underscoring the transformative impact of strategic water investments in arid and semi-arid regions.

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