France and Kenya are set to continue their collaboration in finding solutions to ensure food security in both countries, especially during challenging and unpredictable times. Arnaud Suquet, the French envoy, emphasized the importance of achieving food security through agricultural practices and modern technologies that do not harm the environment or climate.

Mr. Suquet also outlined plans by the French government, in collaboration with the private sector, to invest in various initiatives, including the restoration of the Mau Forest Complex, creative industries, agribusiness, culture, tourism, research, education, and the empowerment of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). These efforts aim to strengthen the ties between Nairobi and Paris.

Furthermore, he assured that France would actively promote Kenya as a top tourist destination among the French people to attract more French tourists to Kenya.

Following a meeting with Nakuru’s Deputy Governor, David Kones, the envoy expressed France’s interest in partnering with the County Government to empower farmers in the region with climate-smart technologies and best agricultural practices to enhance productivity.

Deputy Governor Kones highlighted climate change, global desertification, water crises, and biodiversity loss as external factors impacting agriculture. Cooperation between France and the county government will facilitate skills and technology transfer, benefiting local water technology, agriculture extension services, and weather forecasting for farmers.

Mr. Suquet also revealed plans to strengthen the African entrepreneurial ecosystem through the Ambition Africa forum scheduled for November, fostering economic and commercial exchanges between France and Africa, and promoting Nakuru as a business hub.

The partnership between Kenya and France extends beyond agriculture, encompassing sectors such as security, information technology, health, tourism, and trade. Discussions also covered water and sanitation, transport, green energy, urban mobility, and agriculture.

The meeting was attended by various officials, including County Secretary Dr. Samuel Mwaura, Chief of Staff Dr. Peter Ketyenya, and County Executive Committee Members. Deputy Governor Kones encouraged French investors to consider Nakuru for investment, highlighting the numerous investment opportunities and the county’s openness to investors.

He expressed the county’s interest in leveraging France’s expertise in crop production and innovative techniques for dryland farming, aiming for transformative agricultural technology. This collaboration promises mutual benefits, fostering sustainable development and economic growth for both Nakuru County and France.