Masalani town, located in Ijara Sub County, was hit by a one-hour heavy downpour accompanied by thunderstorms and lightning, leading to a significant power outage since yesterday afternoon.

According to Mr. Joseph Silas, the Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) officer in charge of the Hola substation, the heavy rains caused two power poles to collapse in the Muhumed Dahir sub-location, resulting in the disruption of power supply to the town.

Silas confirmed that KPLC engineers would be dispatched from the Hola substation to address the power outage, contingent upon the accessibility of the road from Boji to Masalani.

However, Mr. Abdullahi Abdi, chairman of the Masalani community human rights watchdog, reported that the intense rainfall and thunderstorm had caused damage to makeshift structures in the town, instilling panic among the residents.

Abdi appealed to the leadership of Ijara constituency to establish an office in Masalani town to serve the entire constituency, comprising Ijara, Bothai, and Hulugho sub-counties in Garissa County.

Community leaders and elders urged the Ijara leadership, led by MP Abdi Ali Sheikhow, to engage with the managing director of KPLC to establish an office in Masalani. They proposed utilizing part of the National Government Constituency Development Fund to establish a KPLC substation in Masalani, in collaboration with KPLC management and the Ministry for Energy, to address the persistent power issues affecting the town. They emphasized that the lack of power hampers business operations and office activities in the area.

In the meantime, customers of KPLC who have solar panels from the Delight company as backup power sources are relatively better off compared to those solely reliant on the national grid from the Hola KPLC substation.

Business operators and institutions equipped with generators for power backup, particularly petrol stations and private hospitals, have also remained operational despite the power outage.

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