According to Dominic Kyalo, the County Director of Meteorological Services in Machakos, heavy rains are forecasted to persist in the region until the second week of May. He highlighted that most areas in the county will continue to experience intense rainfall, with expectations of gradual subsiding in the mentioned timeframe.

Kyalo provided specific data, mentioning areas such as Muthesya, Katumani, Ekalakala, and Masii, which have already accumulated over 250mm of rainfall. He anticipated that by the conclusion of the rainy season in May, these areas might have received between 400 to 500mm of rainfall in total.

Expressing concern over potential flooding, Kyalo urged residents to remain vigilant and take necessary precautions to prevent any loss of life or damage to property. He specifically cautioned individuals residing along the Athi and Tana River basins, including Matungulu, Ndithini, and Masinga, to be prepared for possible flood risks. He advised them to consider relocating to higher ground if feasible.

Furthermore, Kyalo emphasized the dangers associated with attempting to cross flooded rivers and warned about the heightened risk posed by dams reaching full capacity due to heavy rainfall. He noted incidents of collapsed buildings and toilets in areas like Muthesya and Mumbuni, underscoring the need for residents to remain vigilant and proactive.

In addition to flooding concerns, Kyalo highlighted the potential hazards of lightning and thunderstorms accompanying the heavy rainfall. He urged residents to avoid seeking shelter under trees or abandoned structures during such weather conditions, as they pose a significant risk to personal safety.

Kyalo’s cautionary statements, issued during his interview with KNA, serve as a vital reminder for residents to remain alert and prepared amidst the ongoing heavy rainfall in Machakos County.