More than 500 residents of Homa Bay County have received vital healthcare services at a free medical camp organized by the county government in collaboration with AdventHealth, a renowned US-based healthcare system. The initiative, held at Kendu Adventist Hospital in Karachuonyo Constituency, aims to provide essential medical care to individuals who lack access due to financial constraints.

Pastor Philip Aloo Ghai, the Chief Executive Officer of Kendu Adventist Hospital, highlighted the significance of the 5-day medical outreach program, which commenced on Monday and is scheduled to continue until Friday of the same week. The camp boasts a team of 35 medical specialists, including surgeons, physicians, pediatricians, opticians, and nutritionists, who are addressing a wide range of healthcare needs within the community.

Notably, the medical camp extends its services to individuals afflicted with communicable diseases, particularly malaria, which remains prevalent in the region. Pastor Ghai emphasized the importance of early intervention and treatment to prevent further medical complications, urging community members to take advantage of the opportunity for education and medical care.

In addition to providing immediate healthcare services, Kendu Adventist Hospital has allocated funds amounting to Sh200,000 for a program aimed at facilitating vulnerable residents in acquiring NHIF cards. These cards will enable beneficiaries to access ongoing medical treatment and support, further enhancing their healthcare outcomes and resilience.

Kennedy Obuya, the County Leader of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA), expressed gratitude to the stakeholders involved in the initiative’s success, including the Kenya Medical Supply Authority (KEMSA), whose contributions were instrumental in the program’s implementation. This collaborative effort underscores the importance of partnerships in addressing healthcare disparities and improving community well-being.

Roselyne Opiyo, one of the beneficiaries of the medical camp, shared her appreciation for the hospital’s management and the initiative as a whole. Opiyo, who had been experiencing visual impairment, received two pairs of eyeglasses through the program, which she expressed gratitude for, noting that such assistance would have been financially unattainable otherwise.

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