The groundbreaking ceremony for a groundbreaking new Mother and Baby unit at Tot Sub County Hospital marks a significant milestone for maternal and neonatal healthcare in the Kerio Valley region. Situated in Endo Ward, Marakwet East Sub-County, this 26-bed facility promises to revolutionize healthcare services for mothers and infants.

Expressing gratitude for the partnership, Elgeyo Marakwet County Governor Wisley Rotich acknowledged the collaboration with the Safaricom Mpesa Foundation, which has contributed Sh 40 million towards the project. Construction commences immediately, with a targeted completion date set for October 5th.

The state-of-the-art unit will encompass essential facilities, including a fully equipped New Born Unit, a theater, antenatal and postnatal wards, and a delivery unit, catering to the healthcare needs of mothers across Kerio Valley.

Governor Rotich underscored the significance of the new facility, emphasizing its pivotal role in addressing healthcare challenges in the region. He urged the Ministry of Health to collaborate closely with the county to transform Kerio Valley from a ‘valley of death’ to a ‘valley of opportunity.’

Jeremiah Chirchir, Chief Officer for Health, highlighted the unit’s critical role as the sole facility of its kind in the Kerio Valley belt and Marakwet East Sub-County. He emphasized its broader impact, extending healthcare support to neighboring counties like Baringo and West Pokot.

Chirchir emphasized that the unit’s services would significantly reduce the need for referrals and address emergency situations, ultimately saving lives.

Previously, mothers in the region encountered substantial hurdles in accessing adequate healthcare services. Chirchir outlined the challenges, particularly for mothers facing delivery complications, with the nearest facilities located significant distances away.

Margret Cheboi, a Tot resident, expressed optimism about the new hospital’s potential to improve maternal and infant health outcomes. She highlighted the current lack of essential equipment, which often results in adverse outcomes for pre-term babies.

Cheboi also addressed logistical challenges faced by women, including difficulties accessing ambulances and the long distances to hospitals, which can lead to delays in emergency care.

She commended Governor Rotich’s initiative and the support from the Safaricom Foundation, emphasizing the positive impact on community health and well-being.

Furthermore, the initiative is viewed as a catalyst for peace and cohesion among communities in the valley. Chirchir highlighted the unit’s potential to bring together mothers from diverse backgrounds, fostering social interactions, economic activities, and contributing to regional peace-building efforts.