Embakasi East Member of Parliament, Babu Owino, offered his perspective on building a successful marriage during a podcast interview. According to Babu, good women are a divine gift, coming from God, while handsome men are associated with financial stability, stating they come from the bank. He emphasized the importance of a supportive partner during challenges, indicating that true value is revealed when a partner stands by one’s side through difficulties.

Babu Owino highlighted the significance of choosing a partner based on their supportiveness and ability to weather challenges together. He expressed the belief that a partner who remains steadfast and supportive during tough times is the right person in one’s life. The MP stressed the need for compatibility, effective communication, and the ability to rise above petty issues in a relationship.

In his view, Babu Owino emphasized the exclusivity of a marriage partnership, stating that God should be the only third party invited to the union. He questioned the rationale behind marrying someone if there is a lack of appreciation and trust, underscoring the importance of the quality of the relationship.

Addressing men, Babu urged them to seek partners whom they are ready to appreciate and be responsible, particularly towards those who bear children for them. He emphasized the commitment involved in raising a family and the importance of valuing and spending time with one’s partner.

Babu Owino is married to Fridah Muthoni Ongili, an entrepreneur behind a popular fashion brand.

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