A recent survey conducted by Infotrak reveals that a significant portion of Kenyans, 45%, have turned to seeking additional employment or side hustles as a survival strategy amidst challenging economic conditions. The findings, released on Monday, shed light on the diverse methods employed by individuals to navigate financial hardships.

The survey highlights a gender disparity in adopting this strategy, with 47% of males and 42% of females opting for side hustles. Additionally, Kenyans are actively trimming non-essential expenses in response to the tough economic climate.

Approximately 41% of respondents acknowledged curtailing non-essential spending as a coping mechanism. The report states, “Getting a side hustle and reducing non-essential expenditure are the main strategies adopted by Kenyans to cope with the economic hardships.”

The survey further delineates the array of tactics Kenyans are deploying to weather economic challenges, including taking out loans (18%), utilizing community resources (16%), borrowing from friends or family (15%), seeking financial counseling and assistance (8%), resorting to credit cards (4%), rationing (3%), and reducing the number of meals per day (1%).

The survey, conducted through Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews between December 18 and 19, 2023, involved 1,500 participants. With a margin of error of ±2.53% and a robust response rate of 94%, the survey provides a snapshot of the economic strategies employed by Kenyans during challenging times.

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