A Husband’s Insatiable Desire

My husband has an extraordinary desire for intimacy. He wants to have sex all the time. He even pretends to come home for lunch just to engage in intimacy.

As a wife, it’s important to address your husband’s needs in this aspect. Try to discuss with him what concerns you, but never ignore his needs. Otherwise, he might look for satisfaction elsewhere.

A Wife’s Excessive Indulgence

Recently, my wife has developed bad habits. She disappears on Fridays and comes back on Sundays drunk. She doesn’t listen, and my patience is running out. Should I divorce her?

Without a doubt, her actions are wrong, but before taking such a drastic step, talk to her. There might be something troubling her that she hasn’t shared.

Dislike for In-Laws

Aunt, since I married my wife, she has never liked my relatives. She doesn’t want my family around, yet her relatives fill our house. Given the situation, I’m thinking of marrying a second wife.

What your wife is doing is wrong because relatives from both sides should be welcome in your home. However, I don’t think divorce is the solution. Try to talk to her and find a way to address the issue.

Wife Accuses My Mother of Witchcraft

My wife and I have been married for ten years, and we have three children. Recently, she gave birth to our fourth child, but sadly, the baby passed away. This caused her a lot of grief and even mental stress. Recently, I heard her calling my mother a witch and blaming her for our baby’s death. I’m very upset.

I’m sorry for your loss, but I must tell you that what your wife did is a serious mistake. Tell your wife to apologize to your mother. Also, make it clear that she must be respectful and set boundaries when talking about your mother.