Mombasa lawyer Benjamin Njoroge stands out as someone who finds solace and balance in conquering towering peaks. Recently returning from a triumphant ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro, Njoroge shares his journey into the world of hiking and the profound impact it has had on his life.

Njoroge’s eighth-floor office, adorned with intricate Swahili wood carvings, reflects his appreciation for local craftsmanship. Despite being in the office during the festive season, he exudes a sense of accomplishment from his recent expedition to Tanzania. Just two years prior, he had scaled Mount Kenya in 2021, marking the beginning of his ascent into the world of hiking.

The journey to conquer Kilimanjaro was meticulously planned, with initial aspirations for December 2022. However, unforeseen setbacks, including the loss of a team member and unpredictable weather patterns, led to the rescheduling of the expedition to December 2023.

Reflecting on the experience, Njoroge recounts the challenges faced during the ascent. The loss of a team member, Christine Kipsang, and the illness of another member, Eva Odongo, prompted the decision to postpone the expedition in solidarity with their struggling colleagues.

Njoroge shares anecdotes from the journey, highlighting the diverse motivations of fellow hikers. A couple celebrating their 20th marriage anniversary chose to mark the occasion by conquering Kilimanjaro, showcasing the mountain’s universal allure.

The final push to the summit was marked by a moment of exhaustion and motivation. Encountering Tanzanians who draped a Kenyan flag on a colleague, Njoroge’s team found renewed energy to reach Uhuru Peak. Their 12-hour ascent culminated on the evening of December 12, coinciding with Kenya’s Independence Day.

The sense of accomplishment at the summit was overwhelming, with Njoroge proudly raising both the Mombasa Law Society and the national flags. The experience invoked a feeling akin to Kisoi Munyao, who planted a flag on Mount Kenya in 1963 to celebrate Kenya’s independence.

Njoroge’s journey into hiking commenced during the Covid-19 pandemic as a means to escape the complexities of his legal profession. Seeking a mental reset, he discovered that hiking offered a unique opportunity to clear his mind and refocus.

Beyond the physical and mental benefits, hiking became a catalyst for Njoroge’s weight-loss journey. The rigorous preparation for Kilimanjaro, including regular hikes in hilly terrains, contributed to shedding significant weight and fostering a healthier lifestyle.

Expressing gratitude for the support from the Mombasa Law Society and the Mombasa Walk Movement, Njoroge emphasizes that hiking goes beyond a physical activity—it is a journey that clears the mind, nurtures mental health, and provides unique perspectives on life.

As the interview concludes, Njoroge shares his future aspirations, including tackling Uganda’s challenging Ruwenzori and setting his sights on the pinnacle of hiking: Mount Everest.

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