In Narok Town, a man had to borrow a mattress for his girlfriend when she complained that his mattress was too old and uncomfortable.

Reportedly, the boyfriend was delighted when the lady agreed to visit him after he had made several unfulfilled promises to her before.

Upon arrival, the lady refused to sleep on the old mattress, expressing her dissatisfaction with its worn-out condition.

“When she tried to lie down, she got upset because the bed’s wooden planks were hurting her. The mattress, belonging to Polo, had been in use for several years,” a source revealed.

Desperate to please his girlfriend, Polo attempted to borrow money from his neighbors without success. Eventually, he went to a local store and begged for a mattress on credit.

The store owner lent him the mattress but warned him not to enjoy his time with his girlfriend so much that he forgot to repay the debt.

Sibling Rivalry Erupts Over Deceased Brother’s Wife Before Burial


In a shocking turn of events in Kathonzweni, Makueni, two brothers stunned mourners by vying for their brother’s widow even before his burial.

“I am the elder brother of the deceased. He has often brought me to his home. I won’t fail now to bring myself,” one of the brothers declared.

Muffled laughter ensued. The second brother was called forward.

“I know the pests in my brother’s house, and they know me very well too. Sister-in-law, you won’t remain a widow. The homestead is intact,” the brother asserted.

Reportedly, the pastor rebuked the brothers for openly campaigning for the widow before the deceased was buried.

Man Scolds Sister for Dumping His Friend


In Soy, Eldoret, a man reprimanded his sister harshly for breaking up with her boyfriend, who happened to be his close friend.

Allegedly, the man was displeased with his sister’s decision as the man she left was his close friend.

“I don’t think you’ll ever find another partner like him. You’ve lost. One day you’ll regret it,” the man scolded his sister.

The young woman insisted that she had made up her mind and would not reconcile with her ex-boyfriend.

“Stop being foolish. You don’t know what you’ve done. That guy is my friend. I’ve benefited greatly from him. Your decision is childish,” the man continued to berate his sister.