Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika recently opened up about her views on marriage, expressing her reluctance to enter into it again, describing it as a “trap.” In a series of Instagram stories, she responded candidly to questions from her followers, shedding light on her current state of mind.

When asked if she would consider giving marriage another chance, Vera replied with a succinct statement: “I Love my Freedom.” This sentiment echoed her previous assertions about being happiest when single, emphasizing her enjoyment of independence.

Reflecting on her past marriage, Vera revealed that the decision to end it was not taken lightly. She explained that the emotional, physical, and mental distance had already set in months before the formal divorce proceedings began. Ultimately, she prioritized her own well-being and that of her children, choosing to focus on herself and her future.

Her ex-husband, Kenyan musician Brown Mauzo, also confirmed their divorce last year. In a public announcement shared on social media, he expressed gratitude for the memorable moments they shared but acknowledged that they had reached a point where parting ways was best for both of them and their children, Asia Brown and Prince Ice Brown.

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