President William Ruto emphasized during a meeting with Kenyans residing in Japan that Kenya’s development hinges on taxation rather than borrowing or aid.

In Tokyo, Ruto underscored the importance of Kenyan citizens contributing to the country’s development, akin to how Japan’s citizens have built their nation.

Ruto stressed his unwavering commitment to this principle, despite any challenges it may entail. Comparing tax percentages between Japan and Kenya, he emphasized the need for Kenyans to increase their tax contributions to drive development.

He emphasized, “Our country is not going to be developed by others, our country is not going to be developed by aid, our country is not going to be developed by debt. Our country is going to be developed by us.”

Ruto maintained that his conscience is clear regarding the decisions he makes for the nation’s benefit, regardless of the criticism he faces, stating, “I will do the right thing for our country, irrespective of what names people call me, including Zakayo.”

Ruto’s visit to Japan includes bilateral meetings with Japanese leaders and corporations. Notably, Kenya signed a framework agreement with Toyota Tsusho Corporation for collaboration in vehicle manufacturing and renewable energy development.

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