The Public Service Commission (PSC) has announced a total of 684 vacancies in various ministries and state departments, providing employment opportunities for qualified Kenyans. The application deadline is set for February 13, 2024, with submissions accepted through the commission’s website or jobs portal.

The State Department for Internal Security and National Administration is actively recruiting, with 22 county commissioners/secretaries administration positions and a deputy director for the Kenya School of Adventure and Leadership.

In the Immigration and Citizen Services Department, openings include a secretary for Refugee Affairs, five directors, 17 deputy directors, and 80 assistant directors for Civil Registration Services.

Other notable positions include a deputy Commissioner General of Prisons in the State Department for Correctional Services – Kenya Prisons Services, a Director of General Public Debt Management in the National Treasury, a Director of Veterinary Services in the Livestock Department, and a Director/Senior Research Fellow/Senior lecturer in the Defence department.

The State Department for Industry offers 135 director and assistant director vacancies, while Public Service and Delivery Management has 43 positions available. The Labour and Skills Development department aims to fill 182 roles across different departments.

The State Department for Parliamentary Affairs, Petroleum Department, Mining department, and State Department for Irrigation are also seeking qualified individuals for various positions, including Commissioner for Petroleum and Secretary, Land Reclamation, Climate Resilience, and Irrigation Water Management.

Details of each job opportunity can be accessed on the PSC’s website. Interested and qualified individuals are encouraged to apply online within the specified timeframe.

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