Dr. Moses Francis Masika Wetangula, the Speaker of the National Assembly, has announced the Assembly’s initiative to streamline relations between the two houses of Parliament, aiming for more effective collaboration. This move seeks to enhance cooperation between the National Assembly and the Senate, which oversees matters concerning county governments.

Speaking through Ugenya Member of Parliament David Ochieng’ during the Second Intergovernmental Relations Symposium organized by the Intergovernmental Relations Technical (IGRTC) in Naivasha, Wetangula highlighted the significance of the Houses of Parliament (Bicameral Relations) Bill, 2023. This bill, currently pending a Second Reading in the National Assembly, aims to standardize the legislative processes between the two houses.

Wetangula emphasized the importance of ensuring that both houses pass legislation concerning county governments without disputes over their respective mandates. He stressed the need for seamless coordination to effectively serve the public interest.

Addressing the ongoing stalemate regarding revenue sharing for the Financial Year 2024/25, Wetangula expressed optimism for a resolution. He urged parties involved, including the Commission on Revenue Allocation (CRA), the National Government (Treasury), and the Council of Governors (COG), to reach a consensus.

Highlighting the demand for Sh450 billion by Governors, contrary to CRA’s recommendation of Sh401 billion and Treasury’s proposal of Sh391 billion, Wetangula emphasized the necessity of a cost analysis for transferred functions. He suggested that this analysis should inform annual county allocations and encouraged counties to explore additional revenue sources.

Wetangula underscored the importance of productive intergovernmental relations in fostering social and economic development under devolution. He urged counties to prioritize amicable dispute resolution mechanisms before resorting to judicial proceedings.

The Speaker also outlined the National Assembly’s efforts to bolster county revenue through the County Governments Additional Allocations Bill, 2024. This bill, recently approved by Parliament, allocates Shs.3 billion from court fines and mineral royalties to enhance counties’ own-source revenue.

The symposium was attended by key stakeholders, including Intergovernmental Relations Technical (IGRTC) Chair CPA Kithinji Kiragu and Principal Secretary of the State Department for Devolution, Ms. Teresia Mbaika Malokwe.

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