Kenyans are being urged to embrace and support children born with disabilities by enrolling them in institutions that provide rehabilitation and care.

Professor Julia Ojiambo, a trustee of the National Fund for the Disabled of Kenya, expressed concern over the reluctance of some parents to expose their children with disabilities to the public. She emphasized that in today’s age, it’s disheartening that some still choose to hide these children away instead of providing them with opportunities for growth and development.

Speaking at the official opening of a twin dormitory at St. Sylvester Anyiko special school for the intellectually challenged in Ugenya sub-county, Prof. Ojiambo stressed that children living with disabilities deserve a chance like any other, as they are also part of God’s creation.

She urged parents of children with disabilities to seek assistance from relevant organizations and bodies that are always ready to provide support to individuals living with disabilities.

Lillian Luta, the head teacher of the school, commended the National Fund for the Disabled of Kenya and Safaricom Foundation for their support in constructing the dormitory. She noted that the additional facilities have enabled the school to admit more students, addressing the previous challenge of inadequate accommodation.

However, Luta appealed for further assistance from well-wishers to address other needs of the school, particularly regarding access to water. She highlighted the difficulties faced by students in fetching water from distant boreholes and emphasized the importance of having a reliable water source within the institution.

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