The National Cancer Institute is inviting Kenyans with innovative research proposals in cancer care to apply for funding. This initiative, announced in collaboration with the National Research Fund, is open to researchers from both public and private institutions. The institute encourages submissions from Persons with Disabilities, women, and youth.

Successful applicants stand to receive funding of up to Sh3 million. Research areas of interest include cancer burden description, prevention, causation, screening, early detection, diagnosis, treatment, palliative care, and survivorship. Preference will be given to proposals focusing on cancer care economics, finance, health systems, and policies.

The call aims to support rigorous scientific research aligned with the National Cancer Control Strategy for 2023–2027. Interested parties have until February 29 to submit their proposals, which should outline specific research areas and their potential contributions to cancer prevention and control.

Established under the Cancer Prevention and Control Act of 2012, the National Cancer Institute of Kenya facilitates a coordinated response to the country’s increasing cancer burden. It works to improve access to cancer services and supports relevant institutions in this endeavor.

According to Ministry of Health data, an estimated 58,000 Kenyans will be diagnosed with cancer annually from 2028, reflecting the disease’s growing incidence. In 2023, approximately 42,000 individuals received cancer diagnoses, with numbers expected to rise due to improved diagnosis, increased life expectancy, and demographic shifts, particularly among the elderly population.

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