The Ministry of Lands has disclosed its intention to register all parcels of land across the country.

Outlined in its strategic plan spanning from 2023 to 2027, the Ministry aims to achieve comprehensive and verifiable registration of land details nationwide.

Under the leadership of Lands Cabinet Secretary Alice Wahome, the Ministry highlighted four key strategies to accomplish this goal, one of which involves conducting surveys to demarcate land boundaries.

“The strategies include expediting ascertainment of land rights and interests in adjudication sections and community land, as well as establishing settlement schemes to address landlessness,” stated the strategic plan.

The government plans to acquire 273,000 hectares of land to provide homes for those without shelter.

Furthermore, the Ministry aims to streamline and expedite the issuance of title deeds and land leases.

Simultaneously, the Wahome-led Ministry announced its intention to decentralize its offices nationwide, ensuring easier access to various land-related services for Kenyan citizens.

As part of this initiative, the ministry will establish 29 new registry index map amendment centers and construct 35 land centers across the country.

Additionally, the Ministry emphasized other strategic plans, including leveraging technology for land valuation, digitizing government services, and facilitating the construction of affordable housing.

“This Strategic Plan is essential for the implementation of BETA priorities and aims to foster job creation and wealth generation through affordable housing, secure land tenure, enhanced revenue collection, and sector value chains, thereby boosting the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for improved livelihoods,” noted the CS in the strategic plan.