In a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Foreign and Diaspora Affairs and the United Nations, an Exhibition and Conference was convened to highlight and discuss the pivotal roles women play in diplomacy and international affairs.

Ms. Tatiana Volovaya, the Director General of the United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG), underscored the disproportionate impact of conflicts and climate crises on women and children, advocating for greater inclusion of women in peace negotiations.

Highlighting the underrepresentation of women in leadership positions globally, Volovaya emphasized the active participation of female Ambassadors in negotiation processes, underscoring their effectiveness compared to male counterparts.

Tracing the history of women in diplomacy, Volovaya highlighted milestones such as the establishment of the League of Nations and the pioneering contributions of women in creating archives and libraries for peace and security initiatives.

Echoing these sentiments, Mrs. Zainab Hawa, the Director General of the United Nations Office in Nairobi (UNON), emphasized the importance of women’s soft skills in diplomacy and celebrated the strides made in gender parity efforts within the UN system.

The Conference convened a diverse array of participants, including representatives from Kenyan Foreign Ministries, Diplomatic Corps members, academia, retired ambassadors, and UN officials, facilitating discussions on various panels and engaging with audience questions.

Key areas highlighted during the Conference included the vital role of women in peace and security, climate action, governance perspectives, technology and innovation, and personal reflections on women in diplomacy.

Acknowledging the need for inclusive policymaking, participants emphasized the urgency of nurturing and mentoring women in diplomacy, advocating for investments in women diplomats to leverage their unique perspectives on global challenges.

Moreover, the Conference celebrated the 30th anniversary of women’s empowerment in Romanian diplomacy, showcasing the growth of women in diplomatic roles and highlighting their contributions to international relations.

Ultimately, the Conference called for a holistic approach to international relations, recognizing the indispensable role of women in addressing global issues and advocating for their increased representation and participation in diplomatic efforts.

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