Succession dynamics within Azimio la Umoja have come under scrutiny following Professor Makau Mutua’s revelations regarding the coalition’s internal agreements prior to the 2022 elections. Mutua, a close ally of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and key figure in the coalition’s election strategy, disclosed that while the agreement outlined the position of deputy party leader, no appointment was made to fill this role.

According to Mutua, there exists no provision within the agreement stipulating that Narc Kenya leader Martha Karua would assume leadership in the event of Raila Odinga’s potential election as the African Union Commission (AUC) chairperson.

Responding to Martha Karua’s assertions in an interview with the Daily Nation, Mutua emphasized that the deputy party leader position remains vacant within Azimio la Umoja. He clarified that neither Karua nor any other individual was designated as the deputy party leader during the coalition’s formation.

The recent exchange between Martha Karua and Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka has further highlighted the internal dynamics within Azimio la Umoja. Karua asserted her suitability to succeed Raila Odinga, emphasizing her role as the deputy in the coalition. Meanwhile, Kalonzo Musyoka criticized Karua’s involvement in a group focused on addressing issues within the Mt Kenya region, suggesting a departure from the coalition’s unified approach.

In response to the escalating tensions within the coalition, Raila Odinga has urged party leaders to refrain from engaging in succession discussions and instead prioritize unity and addressing national challenges. This call comes amidst divisions within Raila’s own party, ODM, where disagreements persist regarding the party’s future leadership between deputy party leaders Hassan Joho and Wycliffe Oparanya.