A tense confrontation unfolded at the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church located in Saika West, Nairobi County, on Friday, March 8, as dissatisfied congregants clashed with the church leadership. The incident reportedly stemmed from a faction of church members disrupting a meeting, purportedly to challenge the authority of the church elders.

The disruption of the meeting escalated into a physical altercation between the elders and the dissenting members, despite efforts by the preacher to restore order. Shockingly, some congregants resorted to violence, assaulting the preacher amidst the chaos.

The discontent among congregants was fueled by allegations against the church hierarchy, particularly their refusal to step down and facilitate fresh board elections. This resistance to leadership change intensified tensions within the church community.

During the chaotic altercation, numerous individuals sustained injuries, leading to considerable damage within the church premises. The skirmish persisted for several minutes, resulting in three individuals sustaining critical injuries, one of whom suffered severe head trauma.

According to accounts from congregants, the confrontation escalated following a substantial tithe donation of Ksh12.5 million. Allegations surfaced regarding the mismanagement of these funds, with accusations leveled against the church management for deviating from the agreed-upon allocation plan.

One member revealed that a portion of the funds was designated for fieldwork, while the remainder was intended for internal development projects. However, it was alleged that a significant portion of the funds allocated for fieldwork remained unused, while the church administration diverted funds towards other purposes, including the purchase of a building.

“There is some money here that we received, about Ksh12.5 million, and this money is supposed to be divided into two categories. A share of it for fieldwork and the other part for church development,” stated a concerned church member.

The discontent among congregants was further compounded by allegations of assault perpetrated by the church leadership. A member disclosed that an assault case had been reported at the Molemn police station, underscoring the gravity of the situation.

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