Victoria Region Results: In the Victoria region, Ezekia Wenje defended his position as chairman against John Pambalu, who leads the Chadema Youth Council (Bavicha).

Dar es Salaam: After 12 days of intense campaigning, today Chadema members will know who their leaders are for the positions of chairman and vice chairman in the Nyasa, Western, and Serengeti regions.

These regions include the areas of Mara, Shinyanga, Simiyu, Tabora, Katavi, Kigoma, Mbeya, Songwe, Iringa, Njombe, and Rukwa.

Nyasa Region Election: The election in the Nyasa region will determine if Reverend Peter Msigwa will retain his chairmanship after leading for two consecutive terms since 2016, or if Joseph Mbilinyi, also known as ‘Sugu,’ will take over.

Expected Intense Competition: The competition between these two is expected to be fierce, given their popularity and previous experience as Members of Parliament. Reverend Msigwa represented Iringa Town, and Sugu represented Mbeya Town from 2010 to 2020. Both have also held positions on the party’s central committee.

Victoria Region Election Results: In the Victoria region, which includes Mwanza, Geita, and Kagera, the election was held on May 25. Wenje defended his position with 59 votes against Pambalu, who received 13 votes. However, Pambalu withdrew from the race.

Divided Support Among Chadema Members: The rivalry between Sugu and Reverend Msigwa has caused some Chadema members, including committee members, to split their support, with each backing their preferred candidate. Some candidates from the 2020 parliamentary race have openly shown support for a particular candidate in the election happening today in Makambako, Njombe.

Voting Process: Around 120 delegates from the regional conference will decide who will be the winner between Reverend Msigwa and Sugu.

Public Debate: On May 25, Sugu and Reverend Msigwa exchanged verbal jabs during a public debate hosted by Star TV, titled ‘Nyasa, Who Will We Go With?’ Each candidate argued that they were the better choice.

Western Region Election: In the Western region, four prominent candidates, including three lawyers, are competing for the chairmanship. The candidates are lawyers Dickson Matata, Gaston Garubindi, Ngassa Mboje, and non-lawyer Mussa Martine. About 81 voters will decide the outcome for Matata, Garubindi, Mboje, and Martine.

Candidates Approved: The Western region is unique in that all four candidates were approved by the Chadema Central Committee, which conducted interviews from May 11 to 14. In the Serengeti, Victoria, and Nyasa regions, some candidates were disqualified for various reasons, including not meeting the criteria.

Serengeti Region Election: Today’s election in the Serengeti region will see Gimbi Massaba, the current vice chairman of the region, compete against Lucas Ngoto, a former Chadema chairman for the Mara region. Unlike other regions, no candidate in Serengeti is defending the chairmanship; all are running for the first time.

Preparations: Gwamaka Mbughi, Secretary of the Nyasa region, confirmed that preparations for the election are complete, with delegates, candidates, and supervisors all arriving in Njombe. Jackson Mnyawani, Secretary of the Serengeti region, stated, “Everything is going well, the election will be held in Shinyanga town, and our meeting will start at 9 AM.”