Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has once again appealed to former President Uhuru Kenyatta to join him in efforts to unify the region and Mount Kenya.

This comes as Mr. Gachagua faces harsh criticism from emerging leaders from the area.

On Tuesday, Mr. Gachagua urged Mr. Kenyatta to join him in fostering unity in the region, which boasts a significant voter base.

“As a leader holding a high position from this region, my duty is to unite all leaders, including those who support the Azimio La Umoja Alliance. We should set aside politics, forgive each other, and come together. Even our son Uhuru Kenyatta should come forward, let’s unite,” Mr. Gachagua said while in Kianyaga en route to the funeral of his former teacher, Julius Kano Ndumbi.

Speaking in the Kikuyu language, Mr. Gachagua stated that the campaign period has passed, and leaders should set aside politics because political positions are temporary.

Mr. Gachagua emphasized that leaders should unite, work together, and leave a positive legacy.

“Our unity is our strength; when we allow division, we lose. Our Mount should not be used in national politics,” he said.

Political analyst Prof. Nyaga Kindiki suggests that Mr. Gachagua has no choice but to seek Mr. Kenyatta after being isolated by some leaders to build his political profile.

“However, the deputy president may not succeed as the Kenya First ship has already left the station, with Kenya First in government and could sideline him in the 2027 general elections,” said Prof. Nyaga, a lecturer at Moi University.

He added, “The deputy president started on the wrong foot by being stubborn and likening the government to a company owned by shareholders and forcing the president that if he wanted to meet opposition leader Raila Odinga, he must be present, whereas the country’s leader belongs to all Kenyans. He also began attacking Raila and Uhuru and watched as Uhuru’s property was being destroyed and even denied security guards. The president may lose confidence in him.”

“Now, the Deputy President must humble himself and speak well to demonstrate he is a national leader and attract people. Since he has been isolated in the Central region, he must find someone to help him succeed in his ambition to become president in 2032,” Nyaga added.

With President Ruto having pulled in Mr. Odinga and placed him under the wings of his government by endorsing him for the African Union Commission chairmanship, Mr. Gachagua has no choice but to seek Mr. Kenyatta, who seeks to revive his political spokesman role for the Mount Kenya region after his name was mentioned at the Limuru III conference as the leader of the Agikuyu community.

Prof. Nyaga says Mr. Kenyatta still has a significant following in the Mount Kenya region after his family produced two presidents and because of the family’s wealth, friends, and many people they have helped.