Governor Kawira Mwangaza of Meru disclosed that constant threats from her opponents are the main reason for staying away from the Igembe area for the past three months.

Addressing residents of Igembe who marched to her office demanding her visit, Governor Mwangaza stated that she avoided the area after being attacked by thugs during a visit by President William Ruto in January 2024.

“The first time I was attacked was last year (2023) after providing cattle aid in Maua. I narrowly escaped a violent group by God’s grace. When I accompanied the president to Igembe, I was heckled. My car was attacked by thugs seeking my blood,” said the Governor.

She accused the Member of Parliament for Central Igembe, Mr. Dan Kiili, and Agriculture Minister Mithika Linturi of paying youths to slander her in front of the president.

However, these allegations were denied by Mr. Kiili.

Ms. Mwangaza further stated that her political opponents also tried to link her to the murder of blogger Daniel Muthiani, causing hostility towards her in the area.