Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has strongly rebuked leaders engaging in early succession politics for the 2027 elections, labeling it both an insult to voters and an injustice. Sakaja emphasized the need for politicians to focus on delivering services rather than prematurely shifting their attention to future electoral campaigns.

During an interview with the Star, Sakaja emphasized, “The focus right now should be on delivery. We do injustice to people when, as soon as we are elected, we start thinking about the next elections, instead of thinking about the next generation.”

Sakaja highlighted his administration’s commitment to projects that benefit the next generation, citing initiatives such as the “Dishi na county” program, which aims to provide meals to children, and the significant increase in bursaries. Within one year, the governor reported a substantial increase of Sh1.8 billion in bursaries, surpassing half of what was done in the previous 10 years.

Over the weekend, Sakaja unveiled a Sh857 million bursary program in Nairobi, benefiting 124,100 financially challenged students.

Expressing respect for President William Ruto, Sakaja urged fellow leaders to refrain from succession talks and focus on serving the people. He emphasized that discussions about succession should be left to the voters who elected the current leaders.

“We should thank God for the current positions he has given us today and serve the people. They are the ones to make the judgment,” Sakaja stated.

The governor also criticized the ongoing early campaign and lobbying talks for the 2027 polls, asserting that such discussions are premature and unnecessary. He urged politicians to respect the current leadership and concentrate on fulfilling their current responsibilities.

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