Prime Cabinet Secretary and Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary, Musalia Mudavadi, addressed concerns about Kenya’s relationship with its neighbors, rejecting claims of ongoing conflicts during a church service in Teso South, Busia County, on Sunday.

Mudavadi refuted media reports suggesting that Kenya is embroiled in conflicts with East African countries, emphasizing that such narratives are misleading. He assured the public that Kenya is not at war with any neighboring nations and highlighted President’s efforts to promote peace in the region.

During his address, Mudavadi acknowledged that some East African countries are experiencing wars and political instability. He asserted that the President is actively working towards fostering peace in those nations, recognizing the potential spillover effects that conflicts could have on Kenya.

The Prime CS urged the media to exercise caution in reporting on diplomatic relations, emphasizing that any issues that may arise are typically addressed through diplomatic channels. He aimed to dispel any misconceptions about strained relations with neighboring countries.

Mudavadi referenced a recent incident involving potential diplomatic tension between Kenya and Tanzania. Reports suggested a possible ban on Kenya Airways by Tanzania due to alleged issues with flight operations. However, Mudavadi intervened diplomatically, engaging with Tanzania’s Foreign Affairs minister, January Makamba, resulting in the shelving of the proposed ban.

Highlighting the importance of collaborative efforts within the East African Community (EAC), Mudavadi emphasized the need for unity in addressing diplomatic challenges. He reiterated the EAC’s mission to enhance economic, political, social, and cultural integration, ultimately improving the quality of life for the region’s residents.

Addressing emerging challenges, Mudavadi stressed the interconnectedness of EAC member states, likening them to conjoined twins. He emphasized the necessity of working collectively to find common solutions to problems, further advancing integration and benefiting the people of the region.

Mudavadi also disclosed Kenya and Tanzania’s joint commitment to supporting efforts to restore peace in the conflict-hit Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Additionally, the ministers pledged interventions to address the conflict in Somalia arising from a territorial standoff with Somaliland, emphasizing the importance of restoring peace in the Horn of Africa.

The EAC, consisting of Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Uganda, and Tanzania, serves as a regional intergovernmental organization headquartered in Arusha, Tanzania, with a mission to deepen economic, political, social, and cultural integration among its partner states.

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