The Kwale County Government has recently gained attention due to an unusual choice of transport by Governor Fatuma Achani and her cabinet. Instead of using her official vehicle and a convoy to inspect projects, Governor Achani opted for a county government bus, traveling with her cabinet and other county officials.

According to the county government, this decision is part of broader measures to reduce expenditure. Governor Achani has also cut costs by avoiding meetings in expensive hotels in Diani.

Recently, on a trip to the Maji Moto springs in Lungalunga Sub-county, Governor Achani, along with Deputy Governor Chirema Kombo, county ministers, and other county employees, traveled together on one bus. They usually would have used multiple cars for such trips.

Upon arrival, Governor Achani led a cabinet meeting in a hall at a development site in the area. “This is part of the administration’s efforts to reduce government spending and redirect funds towards development,” said Kwale County spokesperson Nicky Gitonga.

Inside the bus, Governor Achani sat in the middle with two of her security guards behind her, while other officials occupied the remaining seats.

However, insiders reveal that the county is facing financial challenges, affecting operations in some departments. Taifa Leo has learned that salaries for some county employees had been delayed for several weeks.

Many residents and community organizations praised Governor Achani’s decision, noting that it demonstrated her humility and commitment to understanding how public resources are distributed within the county.

“This is a sign of humility from the county leader. It’s important for a leader to show they are on the same level as the residents they serve. This also shows that other leaders in her government should avoid wastage,” said Rehema Mwachirea, a local resident.

Abdulmalik Fumbwe appreciated the governor’s choice to avoid using her official vehicle, interpreting it as a desire to experience the county’s roads and resources firsthand. “The bus used by the governor is usually lent out to residents for various activities. Now she knows its condition and whether it needs repairs,” he said. Fumbwe added that using the bus would help the governor understand the state of the roads and ensure they are properly maintained.

“This has given us great hope because it shows she is not wasteful and is willing to come down to our level,” Fumbwe added. He also chairs the Climate Change Committee of Bongwe Gombato.

Jamal Kidyogo, Chairman of the Community Development Agreement Committee (CDAC) of Msambweni, said Governor Achani’s recent actions show her intent to use county resources wisely. “This shows that she cares about the county’s resources. The fact that she used one bus with her staff also shows she is approachable,” Kidyogo said.

He added that her presence in the area would help promote the Maji Moto springs as a major tourist attraction.