A group of Members of Parliament, under the Azimio la Umoja coalition and others from UDA, have declared their intention to remove Agriculture Minister Mithika Linturi from office over the fake fertilizer scandal.

Led by Bumula MP Jack Wamboka and Antony Kibagendi of Kitutu Chache, these lawmakers have stated that the nation will not continue to be held captive by fraud, even in the agriculture sector, which is the backbone of Kenya, through the distribution of counterfeit fertilizers.

Others threatening to table a motion of no confidence in Minister Linturi include Catherine Omanyo (Women Representative, Busia), Caleb Amisi (Saboti), and Mark Mwenje (Embakasi).

Gathoni Wamuchomba (Kithunguri), a member of the ruling UDA party, also supports the call for Linturi’s removal.

These MPs have set a deadline until Tuesday (April 16, 2024) for President William Ruto to dismiss Minister Linturi, or else they will initiate impeachment proceedings against him.

They have alleged that the President has remained silent while farmers continue to suffer under Linturi’s leadership.

“President Ruto must take action and remove Linturi from office, otherwise he will be seen as complicit in this scandal,” asserted Wamboka.

Omanyo stated that it’s not possible for counterfeit fertilizer to be sold to farmers without the President’s knowledge.

Meanwhile, Mwenje emphasized that during the Jubilee government, when Ruto was Deputy President, two ministers who failed to fulfill their duties were sacked.

“Former President Uhuru Kenyatta sacked Minister of Roads Michael Kamau and Felix Kosgey of Agriculture. Why is Linturi being treated differently?” Mwenje questioned.

The MP expressed concerns about the division within the Ministry of Agriculture and stressed that the only solution is to remove Linturi from his position.

Wamboka revealed that they have completed all necessary procedures, and by Tuesday, they will present a motion to oust the Minister.

“We cannot allow Linturi to ruin the agriculture sector,” Wamboka warned.

He expressed his dismay that the President was protecting Linturi at the expense of farmers.

On her part, Wamuchomba blamed the government for causing suffering among the citizens.

“The Kenya First program has failed to pay doctors, failed to allocate funds for free education, and instead, farmers bear the burden of heavy taxes,” Wamuchomba said.

The UDA MP stated that the government should reinstate the Linda Mama program initiated by Former President Uhuru Kenyatta.