Former Gatanga MP Mr. Nduati Ngugi has advised Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua on four courses of action to navigate what he claims is a political storm engulfing him within the government.

Mr. Ngugi’s statement comes amid murmurs that the political alliance between President William Ruto and Mr. Gachagua is hitting rough waters.

He said these four options are either Mr. Gachagua remains steadfast within the government and confronts the challenges head-on, confronts President Ruto by urging him to oust rebellious elements within the government as advocated by Mr. Gachagua, exits and forms an opposition targeting the 2027 presidency, or stays within the government and allies with the Azimio coalition to oust President Ruto in 2027.

Those believed to have grown horns against Mr. Gachagua include Budget Committee Chair Mr. Ndindi Nyoro (Kiharu MP), National Assembly Majority Leader Mr. Kimani Ichung’wah (Kikuyu MP), Public Service Minister Mr. Moses Kuria, and Council of Governors Chair Ms. Anne Waiguru (Kirinyaga Governor).

All have been quoted in various forums either through their allies or themselves, indicating their lack of recognition for Mr. Gachagua and his authority as well as the feasibility of him being a running mate to Dr. Ruto in 2027.

Mr. Ngugi said that currently, Mr. Gachagua is fortunate that no matter how bad things may seem, President Ruto cannot fire him because it would spark a constitutional crisis since they share a ticket.

“So, Mr. Gachagua is assured he can stay in office until 2027 but also with the option of resigning voluntarily,” said Mr. Ngugi.

However, he cautioned that stepping down from office would significantly diminish his influence by over 80% as he would lose his position, authority, and the opportunity to build an international network that aids in presidential bids.

Mr. Ngugi said it’s no secret that Mr. Gachagua is currently facing significant political turmoil seemingly orchestrated from a certain corner within the government with some Mount Kenya politicians being used.

“Even if Mr. Gachagua insists that things are okay between him and his boss, statements from his allies like Nyeri Governor Mr. Mutahi Kahiga indicate that all is not well,” he said.

Mr. Kahiga has already complained that despite the Kenya First government being formed with 47% of the Mount Kenya shares, there is blatant disrespect indicating a significant political plot hatched from outside the Mount Kenya region.

Mr. Kahiga claimed that “the plot is clearly being orchestrated from the Rift Valley region.” This sentiment was echoed by North Embakasi MP Mr. James Gakuya.

Mr. Ngugi states that “Mr. Gachagua largely sabotaged himself politically through his remarks against many political stakeholders in the country to the extent that he projected himself as the Deputy President of Mount Kenya rather than a national figure.”

In this situation, Mr. Ngugi said that Mr. Gachagua positioned himself as a political rival to his Mount Kenya peers, hence finding himself in the current predicament.

However, Mr. Ngugi warned that Mount Kenya residents should not celebrate Mr. Gachagua’s troubles as they will directly affect them in future political strategies, especially in 2027 and 2032.

He said it’s time for Mount Kenya communities to maintain unity and urge Mr. Gachagua to correct his mistakes so that the region can speak in one voice in the 2027 and 2032 elections.