Opposition leader Raila Odinga is urging Chief Justice Martha Koome to provide clarity on the agreements made during a recent meeting with President William Ruto at State House, Nairobi. Odinga claims that the agreement to appoint new judges is an attempt to have judges favorable to the Executive.

Odinga questions the urgency of the meeting and asserts that the deal involves appointing five new High Court judges and 11 Court of Appeal judges, aiming to establish a Judiciary more aligned with the Executive’s interests.

He alleges that two former electoral agency officials will be appointed as Court of Appeal judges based on the agreements. Odinga expresses concern that this move compromises the independence of the Judiciary.

According to Odinga, the administration seeks to control the lower courts by staffing them with loyalists, following the purported capture of the Supreme Court.

He challenges President Ruto and CJ Koome to disclose the details of their meeting, emphasizing that the capture of the Judiciary could lead to a descent into anarchy, recalling the events of 2007-2008.

Odinga dismisses the agreement on additional funds for the Judiciary as a cover-up, stating that the presidency cannot allocate money to the Judiciary. He questions why CJ Koome sought funds from State House instead of Parliament.

In response, an official from the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) dismisses Odinga’s allegations as political propaganda, asserting that the appointment of the additional judges was addressed by the National Assembly Committee on Justice and Legal Affairs last year.

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