Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua continues to face strong opposition from some leaders in the Mount Kenya region regarding his support for a resource distribution system based on population.

While receiving support from politicians aligned with the One Kenya Alliance from the region, East Laikipia MP Mr. Mwangi Kiunjuri sees Mr. Gachagua as hypocritical.

“This system could be introduced through a decision by the Cabinet, legislation in Parliament, or a constitutional referendum but not through political rallies as Mr. Gachagua is doing,” said Mr. Kiunjuri.

He urged Mr. Gachagua to understand that as someone who participates in Cabinet meetings, he should push this agenda there when Deputy President William Ruto is present instead of making such statements at political rallies.

On his part, Mr. Gachagua criticized those opposing the system as social traitors.

Already, Mr. Gachagua has warned citizens to be wary of and root out social traitors from the Mount Kenya communities who oppose it.

Economic advisor to Deputy President Ruto, Mr. David Ndii, is another who has publicly opposed the system.

Speaking in Gichugu, Kirinyaga County, on May 19, 2024, Mr. Gachagua said that anyone against the system of resource allocation according to population is a traitor.

Mr. Gachagua stated that, like supporters of the One Kenya Alliance in the Mount Kenya region, he supports the system.

He was speaking in Gichugu during the funeral of teacher Julius Kano Ndumbi.

“Those opposing the system are like the traitors who undermined the Mau Mau liberation struggle,” said Mr. Gachagua.

Mr. Ndii is a native of Kiambu County and a member of the Agikuyu community.

However, in a post on his X account and also in an academic opinion piece, Mr. Ndii reiterated that those advocating for the system are trapped in selfish thinking.

He said that many people from the Mount Kenya region are immersed in selfishness to the extent that they desire to control national resources regardless of those in areas that have long been marginalized.

Mr. Ndii argued that the system should not be considered as a national policy because it would favor regions with traditional wealth, fertile land, and better infrastructure that facilitate easy development.

He said the system is divisive, discriminatory, and belittling to those in historically marginalized areas.

But Mr. Gachagua said, “We are used to them, and we will live with them as they are.”

“But my joy is that, out of 10 traitors, we always have one million patriots and heroes,” said Mr. Gachagua.

Other government officials expressing doubts about the feasibility of the system include Nyandarua Senator Mr. Kaba Methu and Kangema MP Mr. Peter Kihungi.