President William Ruto’s allies in Parliament succeeded in passing legislation to reinstate the contentious housing levy, disregarding objections from Azimio coalition members.

The approved Bill will now progress to the Senate for swift approval across various stages, following the directive from the President during a retreat in Naivasha to expedite the process.

The urgency to enact the law stems from the nullification of the housing levy by courts, prompting Kenya Kwanza members to accelerate its approval within the current financial year.

Despite concerns raised by opposition lawmakers about the rushed nature of the legislation, the majority vote ensured its passage, signifying a significant win for Ruto’s faction.

Opposition MPs staged a walkout during the discussion of further amendments to the Bill, accusing Speaker Moses Wetangula of bias and alleging executive interference in parliamentary proceedings.

The contentious nature of the Bill sparked heated debate, with opposition members criticizing the rushed process and highlighting potential gaps in the proposed law.

While the Bill’s proponents argue that it addresses concerns and provides necessary safeguards, opponents remain skeptical about its implementation and potential impact on citizens, particularly those in the informal sector.

The reintroduction of deposit requirements for housing units and provisions for tax recovery procedures in case of default added to the complexity of the legislation.

Despite attempts by Azimio-affiliated MPs to amend or delay the Bill, the numerical advantage of Kenya Kwanza members ensured its passage, marking a significant victory for President Ruto’s agenda.

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